Food Systems in the Spotlight

At the Heart of Our Events

At the Heart of Our Events

We hold the communities vision for their food future at the heart of all our events. The vision was crafted after completing over a years worth of community engagement and consultation, and following the Regional Food System Sessions and the inaugural Food for Thought Festival in 2015.

This is how the Great Southern community see their food system in 2035…
The Great Southern has a food system that recognises and values indigenous cultural knowledge and practices. The Great Southern Food System supports vibrant, healthy, connected and 100% food secure communities. The Great Southern is a region where it is normal for everyone to buy local food branded as ‘From the region – For the region’. Food is grown locally rather than imported, and is available to consumers in a convenient manner at a diverse array of local markets and outlets, including the Great Southern Food Hub.

Food is produced in a manner that supports a replenished ecology, and is sustained by secure water catchments. The Great Southern Food System enjoys mutually beneficial relationships with adjacent food producing regions.

The Great Southern Food System is innovative and supported by appropriate-scale regulation. It nourishes a sharing and diverse economy, and is supported by a range of coordinated government agencies and other food system stakeholders.

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