Food Systems in the Spotlight

What We Do

Fair Food and Regenerative Agriculture Industry Events

We design and deliver the annual “Food for Thought Festival” in Albany WA and other important food systems events during the year. Our purpose is to promote sustainable, healthy, vibrant and fair food systems for the Great Southern and Western Australia.

Community Food Events specialise in the design and delivery of agri food events, anything from field days and film nights through to multi event festivals. We work with you and your stakeholders to create effective, on budget and memorable events.

Joined at the heart

We gathered with a dream to find out how

To bridge the gap between then and now

We’d been chasing shadows across the land

And we’re trying to give a helping hand

When the answer appeared in ancient ways

Restored and applied to modern days


A much loved Elder said it’s a must

That whatever we do is built on trust

They asked her how and she said we should

Always do what we do for the greater good

For young ones wild and mad as hell

With hearts of gold though you’d never tell

Cultures and colour wont keep them apart

From a future where we’re joined at the heart


Kim Courtenay

Presenter at the Supply Chain Dynamics for Traditional Knowledge Enterprises

Albany, 8-9 June 2017